Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport Handle Bar Mod

In 2008 I purchased a 1200 sport but I needed more comfort.  I used a set of Moto International Norge risers and the Griso 8v handle bars.
The Griso bars have a higher bend but Renthal Fat Bars work well.

I chose the Griso bars because they had all the tab locating holes for the switches if you use Renthal Fat Bars you would need to drill the tab locating holes.

You will need to reroute the cables from inside the headlight ears to between the headlight ears and the fork tubes.  After you do this you will have plenty of slack with no binding of the cables or brake lines. With the Headlight faring you barly notice the reroute unless you are looking for them.


Parts Needed For The Mod

Moto Internation Risers MBNORGERISERS $170.00
Griso 8v Handle Bars 978204 $226.12

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