Moto Guzzi Cal Vintage ECU Mod

A few weeks back, Piaggio shipped to us from another dealer a Cal Vintage that no one at that dealership could get to run right.  It would spit and cough and just barely weeze along.  We tried everything, from tuning to finally just changing every component in the ignition and EFI system one at a time.

Finally, we pulled an ECU off of a Stone we had here and plugged it in.  That Cal Vintage fired right up and ran better than any other Cal Vintage we’ve ever had here. Gone was all that lean roughness through the low and midrange, especially on part throttle. The Stone needed its brain back, so Piaggio was going to ship a new ECU.  While it was down, I got to thinking, "The Cal Vintage motor is basically a V11 Sport motor, so why not try a V11 Sport ECU?"

So, I pulled a Sport ECU off the shelf and the service guys plugged it in and all took it for rides after hearing the raves of the first tester.  Not only does it run well now, it has power like no other Cal Vintage any of us has ridden.  With this ECU, it feels fat and happy everywhere through the rev band and charges like a rabid rhino from 2000 rpm and screams all the way to redline.  Add a PCIII, and I bet it'd have 80-85 horsepower at the rear wheel.

A reason for the performance change in the normal running would be that the Stone & V11 Sport ECU does not use the 02 sensor imput
If you are looking to do the swap used parts will save alot of money.


Parts Needed For The Mod

04 California ECU GU03729565 $850.83
04 V11 Sport ECU GU01729590 $827.11

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