Moto Guzzi Norge Dyno Chart

I installed a power commander on a Norge for customer and then built a custom map for this bike on a Dynojet 250 Dyno.

The bike used is a 2007 Norge with 18,000 miles, valves set at .004 IN & .006 EX, throttle bodies balanced, new NGK plugs,
& a fresh oil change with Motorex 10w60 synthetic.

The chart will show the first run in stock form making 72.5 hp & 60 ft lb to the wheels.
The second run is stock with a K&N air filter and a custom tuned power commander & it shows 74.8 hp & 63.8 ft lb

All this was done by trying to get the fuel air ratio as close to 13 as possible by doing that it increases hp & torque as well as boost fuel mileage.


Parts & Labor Needed For The Mod

Power Commander $399.95
PC Install Labor $160.00
Dyno Tune $250.00


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last page update 3/23/12