Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 Breva 1100 Seat Mod

I put the stock MG 1200 Sport seat on the Norge.
The seat is a direct bolt on and seems to have more padding which makes it more comfortable.
To get a little better looks you can also ad the rear seat cowl from the 1200 Sport.

The seat will bolt on to any Norge or Breva 1100 but the red rear seat cowl will only match the red Norge or red Breva 1100.

If you have a black Breva 1100 you can use the black 1200 Sport rear seat cowl but if you have a black Norge the paint won't match.

Parts Needed For The Mod

            1200 Sport Seat          977831         $225.16            1
    1200 Sport Seat Cowl Red      977754Y01         $240.88            1
  1200 Sport Seat Cowl Black      977754Y02         $240.88            1
             Seat Cowl Bolts    GU98370616         $1.03            2

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last page update 2/27/12